The Silent Legion: A spine-chilling horror thriller

Detective Constables Jess Holden and Mark Curren are no strangers to life as part of the Special Investigations unit - a secret organization hidden beneath New Scotland Yard. They are the one thing defending mankind and the supernatural from one another.

When supernatural beings start turning up dead and the cases keep piling up, the detectives lead a desperate chase to find the killer. After a gang of vampires becomes involved, the battle threatens to spill out of the shadows and into the streets.

Yua And The Great Wizard Hunt

When Yua the talking West Highland White Terrier fails to stop his master, Gwydion, from being wizardnapped, there’s nobody to help him look for his lost wizard. That is, until he meets Lattie; a small girl with a big heart, and a secret she didn’t even know she had.

Why was Gwydion wizardnapped? What is Lattie’s secret? Most importantly: can a small dog and a little girl answer these questions and rescue a wizard all by themselves?

Note: This book may not be suitable for younger readers.

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