P.W Hillard

Currently living in South Wales with his beautiful wife and two cats, P.W Hillard is a writer of horror and dark urban fantasy. His major influences are Stephen King, Clive Barker and especially the works of John Carpenter. As well as horror, he reads fantasy and science fiction, and is a voracious consumer of novels.

Outside of fiction, his other obsessions are tiny toy soldiers and giant monster movies. He also spends far too much playing video games when he should be writing books.

Consumption: A supernatural detective horror

Detective Sergeants Jessica Holden and Mark Curren face the sting of consequences as their actions from previous cases come back to haunt them. Along with their colleagues in the secretive Special Investigations unit, they battle against the sins of their past.

Across the country people sit down at their dinner tables, unaware of the taint awaiting within their microwaved meals. An eldritch horror lurks within, eager to add people to its malignant mass. To consume them. To reshape their flesh like clay.

The Silent Legion: A spine-chilling horror thriller

Detective Constables Jess Holden and Mark Curren are no strangers to life as part of the Special Investigations unit - a secret organization hidden beneath New Scotland Yard. They are the one thing defending mankind and the supernatural from one another.

When supernatural beings start turning up dead and the cases keep piling up, the detectives lead a desperate chase to find the killer. After a gang of vampires becomes involved, the battle threatens to spill out of the shadows and into the streets.

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