Horrorscopes: Twelve Short Stories of Astrological Anguish

Twelve tales of astrological anguish! What's your horoscope read?

A haunted Manor. An energy drink with horrific side effects. Proof it's possible to be too popular. Horoscopes is a collection of short stories about the darker side of the zodiac. The first short story collection from the macabre mind of P.W Hillard. Dark and twisted, Horoscopes is a look at how fortunes can be more far more sinister than they first appear. Featuring 12 short stories, each representing one of the signs of the zodiac; Horoscopes is a cavalcade of strange creatures, violent spirits and fountains of gore.

Stories include:


  • Aries - Jason and his crew plan a burglary, eager to take advantage of a now empty home after its owner passed. What they experience will teach them that the dead are best left alone.
  • Sagittarius - A young girls dreams hint at something terrible. Scared of her abilities the truth proves something far more shocking and bizarre.
  • Libra - A woman experiences the most horrific thing known to man. A Job interview! Charlie soon learns her habit of judging can come bike to bite you.

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